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Betting lines reflect the probability of an event, based on the research of the bookmaker and the bets that have been placed. These probabilities have been shown to be more accurate than polls in some cases.

We are linking to bookies that allow US citiziens to bet online which may have different lines.

Trump not to finish his 1st term
Last update: September 14 2019, 12:03 pm CEST
Even months and years after his election, Trump's presidency is riddled with scandals and challenges from the outside. People from the US and worldwide have been betting if he finishes his first term, considering the chance that he gets impeached and removed from office or they see the possiblity of a resignation for political or medical reasons. Naturally, the odds change the further the term progresses, but they've always been substantially far from zero.
Trump to be re-elected as President
Last update: September 15 2019, 12:02 am CEST
Historically, the incumbent President of the United States had an edge when heading into the campaign trail for re-election. The odds for the 2020 elections might not look as good for Trump, considering the consistently low approval ratings and hints from polls. This makes it an attractive betting market - for either side of the aisle.
Democratic candidate to win the next presidential election
Last update: September 15 2019, 12:02 am CEST

The percentage values derive from recent odds on the Betfair bet exchange.

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